March 10, 2016 Adam

Everything you need to know about wallpaper design

This ad format can often be referred to as a page skin, gutter or even fireplace. We are happy with Wallpaper.

Wallpapers are best used in conjunction with a Billboard. That way they can be kept for branding, using images and colours, but not too much text or vital information.

Maximum file size is 200kb and supplied as a .jpg .gif or .png.

Wallpaper Guides


Please note that how much of a wallpaper is visible depends on the size of screen it is being viewed on.
Click on this image to see the overall wallpaper measurement and the measurements for all the areas.

Download Wallpaper Template.psd

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Please note:

Wallpapers can only have one link
Wallpapers cannot be animated
Wallpapers cannot contain video

Wallpaper 01

Mobile phones and tablets

Wallpapers will not show at all

Wallpaper 01


Laptops generally have a widescreen ratio and so they are wide, but not very deep. This means that only the green area is likely to show.

Wallpaper 01

Smaller Desktops

Smaller desktops will probably show as much width as a laptop, but will show a bit more depth. This means that we will show the green and the blue area.

Wallpaper 01

Larger Desktop

The larger desktop screen will show all of the green and blue area and, depending on just how the large the screen is, it will also show some or all of the red area too.

Click on the list of devices below to see how this wallpaper would appear

In more detail

Click below to see how a wallpaper, designed using our template, would look using different screen resolutions. The percentage figure shows the percentage of people using each resolution. These figures were collected by w3schools in January 2015.

This is an approximate representation because the browser title bar at the top and the operating system’s task bar at the bottom would have to be taken into account.

The Wallpaper is an unusual format because what you see depends on what device you are viewing the site on.
To prove that this isn’t peculiar to the Archant sites below are some screenshots from The Guardian website.

As viewed on a smaller sized desktop screen

Wallpaper 01
Mercedes have made sure that the wallpaper only includes some non-essential imagery and it is all toward the top of the page because laptops are likely to crop off anything at the bottom. All the important information is in the billboard at the top.

As viewed on slightly larger desktop screen

Wallpaper 01

Viewing on a larger screen reveals more of the image, but notice that the image still worked even when cropped on the smaller screen size.

As viewed on a larger desktop screen

Wallpaper 01
Viewing on a larger screen reveals all of the design showing a white border all round. This is not ideal but does happen sometimes.