Responsive Leader (RESLDR) Examples

Responsive Leader (RESLDR) Examples
April 24, 2018 Adam

Responsive Leaders

Classification code: RESLDR

Responsive Leaders need two formats – a Leader (which will be served on Desktops and Tablets) and a Mobile Leader (which will be served on smaller mobile devices) . The examples below do not link anywhere, when they are linked to the live campaign Ad Ops will ad the link. The ‘DIRECT LINK’ button is available so that you can send out a link to just one example if you wish.

Animation: A rotation of messages (sometimes referred to as ‘Slides’) is possible. However, we are under strict file size limitations which means we can generally only manage a maximum of 3. The message may have to be reduced when moving from the Leader to the Mobile Leader as this one is smaller. You may notice that the quality of images has to be reduced to keep within the file size limit – the more rotations, the more likely we are to have to reduce the image quality.