How do I draw a Geo-Fence?

How do I draw a Geo-Fence?

Ordinarily, Geo-Fencing a business address is sufficient for a GoRetarget campaign. However, if you wish to Geo-Fence a post code area or a certain constituency for a GoRetarget campaign a Geo-Fence can be drawn and supplied separately.

When drawing this Geo-Fence please be aware of the technical limitations of the shape drawn. The shape of the Geo-Fence drawn can only have up to a maximum of 12 points and 12 sides. The size of the shape must have dimensions no smaller than 100m width x 100m length or a 100m diameter.

All Geo-Fences should be drawn on a Google Maps screenshot with road names visible (we recommend using the Polygon tool on When saving the Geo-Fence screenshot please name screenshot file with the post code. If drawing a larger area, cities/towns/villages must be visible. The Geo-Fence screenshot must be clear and readable. The system does not accept scanned hand-drawn annotated paper maps.

The wrong way to do it

The Geo-Fence shape drawn in this example is too complex as it has more than 12 points and 12 sides to it.

The right way to do it

This is an acceptable Geo-Fence because the shape drawn only has 11 points and 11 sides.

What next?

Once you have drawn the Geo-Fence please attach it to an email with the GoRetarget Campaign URN in the email subject line and send to