Forecast Availability

Forecast Availability
August 3, 2016 Adam

How do I book a Digital Visual?

  • Book as normal display
  • Insert your classification eg. LEADER, MPU etc
  • Size – 1×1
  • Click Add Insertion
  • Insert your publication code – VDN (Norfolk), VDS (Suffolk), VDH (Herts & Cambs), VDL (London), VDF (Life & Specialist), VDK (KOS), VDW (South West), VDD (Dialogue)
  • Choose all editions
  • Select your date – remember to choose a date that allows enough time for design, proofing & amending
  • Copy Indicator – Design Required
  • You will require a proof, please remember to fill in the details
  • Complete your booking

Provide the copy via Adflow, attaching all content and images