Flighting FAQs

Why can’t I see my ad?

All adverts (unless they’re exclusive/tenancy/takeover) are on rotation with other adverts. The Ad Server will calculate and evenly deliver the number of impressions during the campaign lifetime, as well as optimise the delivery accordingly.
For example, a campaign booked for 30,000 impressions over a 30 day period, will deliver on average 1,000 impressions a day. If a website receives 200,000 page views a day, you will have a 1 in 200 chance of seeing the advert.



I need more impressions, can you please free up more inventory?

No. OBA2 is directly linked to the Ad Server, the number of impressions shown is what is available. The number of impressions available is linked to the amount of traffic that visit the website. If traffic to the the website decreases, the number of impressions available decreases. Conversely, if traffic of the website increases, the number of impressions available increases.

If you are planning to sell a large campaign with a high number of impressions, this campaign should be booked on well in advance to ensure the number of impressions you are requesting is available and then reserved for your campaign.

If there isn’t enough impressions available, we recommend either:

You book on a multi-format campaign such as a RESBBD or RESLDR (for more information on these formats please visit this page)


Extend the campaign run time.



What is the national average Click Through Rate?

We normally advise 0.08%. However, this industry figure constantly fluctuates and multiple external variables can affect it. For more information and insight please visit Google’s Display Benchmarking tool.

It is important to note that the CTR isn’t the most important KPI to feedback to the client. Ideally, you need to be looking at the client’s Google Analytics and examining the quality of traffic we have referred to their website. For example, How long have they spent on site? How many pages did they consume?



How do I book on a digital campaign/visual on OBA2?

Please speak to your local OBA2 Super User. If they are not available, or you don’t know who your local Super User is, please refer to your Manager.



How do I book an exclusive/tenancy/takeover campaign?

Book a normal guaranteed campaign. Within the flighting comments please state that the campaign is exclusive/tenancy/takeover and state what page. For example, “Campaign is exclusive to EDP24 Home Page”. And the number of guaranteed impressions should be set to 1.



It’s Monday morning; I have received a warning email. My campaign has been booked correctly so why am I receiving this email?

The Ad Ops team do not operate over the weekend, so if the campaign was not ready or approved before the end of the day on Friday there will be no one to flight campaigns until Monday.

If you are concerned please contact us on flighting@archant.co.uk when the campaign’s artwork has been approved to ensure it is brought to our attention, before the weekend.



It’s Monday morning and the campaign that was due to go live over the weekend/bank holiday has been killed.

This is because you approved the artwork late Friday afternoon and we weren’t made aware of it. Or you didn’t approve it and waited for the system to auto approve (this usually happens around midday the campaign is to go live). Therefore, you should be extra vigilant and approve artwork for campaigns that are due to start over the weekend as soon as possible – ideally by 12pm on the Friday before.


If you have approved the artwork after 12pm on a Friday afternoon, for a campaign due to start over the weekend or a bank holiday, it is strongly recommended that you contact us on flighting@archant.co.uk so we can ensure your campaign is ready to go live.



How do I book a House advert?

If you wish to book a House advert please carry out the following steps:

  1. Book a visual
  2. Aprove the visual once designed and proofed
  3. Contact flighting@archant.co.uk with the following details:
    • Visual URN
    • Start and End date of the House campaign
    • The list of websites you wish for the House advert to show on.

You do not need to let us know how many impressions you wish to book as we will book these on as a House campaign with no guaranteed impressions set against it.



My client queries why their FEATLS looks too basic and comments that it isn’t what they expected.

This is a link to the FEATLS specification page, which provides examples of what FEATLS look like. This should be discussed with the client before a sale is made to set the client’s expectations.



Can I see a copy of the newsletter that was sent out showing my client’s FEATLS?

Please email Mary Brooks (Mary.Brooks@Archant.co.uk) or Laura Nunn (Laura.Nunn@Archant.co.uk) with this request. However, they usually cannot retrieve a copy of the newsletter after it has been sent out.



The report says the campaign received 100 clicks, however, the client’s Google Analytics show there are only 90.

Like most advertising platforms, we tracks clicks, while Google Analytics tracks visits. There will also be differences in reporting if the GA Tracking Code on your landing page doesn’t execute, or your destination URL is not properly tagged with campaign codes. In this case, we will report the click but Google Analytics will not record the visit. Our reports only have visibility into our clicks and conversions, but not other marketing clicks that may occur. Google Analytics has visibility into every marketing touch that drives traffic to your site including channels such as organic search. If there are multiple clicks before a conversion or during a visit, Google Analytics will credit the last marketing click.

Additionally Google Analytics uses JavaScript tags to collect data. This industry standard method yields reliable trends and a high degree of precision, but it’s not perfect. Most of the time, if you are noticing data discrepancies greater than 10%, it’s due to an installation issue. Common problems include JavaScript errors, redirects, untagged pages and slow client-side load times.



Are you able to provide me with page views and unique visitor information for x website(s)?

Please contact the Data Insight team, Adam Cole (Adam.Cole@archant.co.uk), Nicholas Cameron (Nicholas.Cameron@archant.co.uk) or Jeremy Love (Jeremy.Love@archant.co.uk)





Can I have a copy of the campaign visual?

Please contact the Creative Team, Adam Clarke (Adam.Clarke@archant.co.uk) or Jamie Marrison (Jamie.Marrison@archant.co.uk)



Is x page on x website available for a Wallpaper takeover?

Please refer to this spreadsheet. If you require editing access please contact flighting@archant.co.uk with your Gmail (Google) account.



Why can't I see my report?

Your AdTech report will not show if you have an Ad Blocker running in your browser.

How much should I sell this campaign for?

You should discuss this with your sales manager.