DPM Need to Know

DPM Need to Know
December 12, 2017 Adam

The Need to Know on DPM info


A DPM syncs up the data input into the client’s account with numerous search directories (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc). This ensures all displayed information is correct.


It is NOT an SEO/Page Rank tool – though it can help towards SEO


DPMs do not require an onboarding call, simply forward the client the info form found here


Ensure when a client fills in the DPM checklist form that they know that Contact Information will be private, and Location Information will be displayed on the search directories.


Please instruct the client to fill in and email the form back electronically (not hand written and then photocopied).


We do not set up or manage any Google My Business/Facebook accounts for the client – they must do this themselves.


The client must have a valid Google My Business/Facebook account BEFORE they sync up their DPM account. If they don’t the sync won’t take effect and tell us ‘Location not verified’.


Both the sales rep and the client will receive monthly data reports.


If a client is sold a standard DPM this can be upgraded to a Premium DPM, at cost (which gives the client dashboard access).


For DPMs there is only ONE location per URN; if a client has 3 businesses they will need 3 DPM campaigns.

Any queries please email: webbuilds@archant.co.uk