December 12, 2017 Adam

Web Builds Domain FAQ

My customer needs a new web domain - What is the best course of action to take?

You should direct the customer to set up an account and buy a domain from a registrar. The Web Builds team can supply you with a tip sheet that goes through this process (It is usually a quick 10 minute process). Then keep a note of the login details for this account, so we can go in and setup the domain redirect when it comes time to publish the site.

Which is the best registrar to use when purchasing a domain?

This is usually just a matter of preference, as they will mostly provide the same services. A few examples that previous customers have used include GoDaddy, 34sp.com, Fasthosts, 123-reg. If the customer searches on a few before deciding, they might be able to find a cheaper deal.

Can we (Archant) purchase a domain on behalf of the customer?

No, the customer needs to retain ownership and control of the domain, through an account with a registrar that they control. The domain is a key piece of their online branding and identity, and so they should be the ones that own it. This can also help remove any confusion if they decide to go with a different website provider in the future.

Can we transfer a domain into Archant’s ownership?

No, for the same reasons as above. The client should retain full ownership and control of the domain. This also avoids any confusion that can arise as a result of transferring domains between registrar accounts, and dealing with renewals.

How much does a domain cost to buy?

This will vary for each domain, and between registrars, but is usually between £5 and £10 for a year. If you buy a multi-year contract, you can usually make savings on this. If the domain is particularly sought-after, this price may go up.

Should I buy the domain under my name/email on behalf of the client?

No. If the domain is held in an account under your email address, it could cause confusion if you lose access to that account or another salesperson needs to work with the customer.

The customer is going to buy a new domain….do they need to purchase any website hosting to go along with it?

No, we handle all the hosting for the new website, the customer will just need the domain. The hosting is included in the price of our web build package.