Digital Advertising FAQs

How do I get my digital ad designed quickly?

We would always prefer a suitable amount of time to allow us to design an ad. However, we understand that sometimes things are needed more urgently. In this case please email Adam Clarke and copy in Jamie Marrison and Dennis Rogers with the URN and we will try to prioritise your ad.



Can I book a Responsive ad (RES) as an expandable?

No. If an expandable is wanted then it will need to be booked as an ordinary display ad.



How do I get my ad flighted quickly?

If you need your ad flighted before the start date you have set in the campaign details please email Flighting



Can you make a digital ad from a print ad?

We can use assets from a print ad to make a digital ad but please specify what elements and what message the advertiser wants us to use. Please remember that digital and print ads are different.



Have you sent my proof out yet?

Go to AdFlow and look the job up using its URN – this will show you the status.


Where will the proof go to?

AdFlow will send the proof to whatever email address you supplied in OBA.

Why can’t I see all of the wallpaper?

How much you see of a wallpaper depends on what device is being used. Please go here for further details.

Where do I send assets and supplied complete files?

This depends on which region you are booking for. Please see here for details.



Can you send another proof of my ad?

If the ad is still within its campaign dates (still running) this can be done within AdFlow. Just go to AdFlow and look the order up there.




How can I make an amendment to an ad that is already running?

If this is a mistake we have made, like an incorrect date, email Adam Clarke and copy in Jamie Marrison and Dennis Rogers with the URN and the amendment that needs to be made and we will do the rest.

If this is an amendment that the advertiser wants to make please book in a visual. We will make the amendment and send you a proof. When the amendment is approved you will need to contact Flighting and ask them to lift the artwork from the visual into the URN for the live campaign.



Is my job running?

You can find this out on your OBA dashboard.



What is the status of my job?

You can find this out yourself in AdFlow by looking up the order using its URN.




Why is my ad static?

Your ad will be designed as static if the designer doesn’t see any need for animation. We have found that simple static ads often work as well if animation is not necessary. It is also possible that your ad does contain animation, but if your ad has been designed in HTML5 and you are using an old browser then it may not show – in this case it would show a static image backup.



My customer wants to supply their own ad – how do they do that?

The ad formats we use are industry standard but full specifications for supplied ads can be found here.



Has my advert been approved?

If you asked for your ad to be proofed directly to the advertiser it will be their responsibility to approve it.

You can find this out yourself in AdFlow by looking up the order using its URN.




I have booked as 'Supplied Complete', but need to change to 'Design Required'

If you can’t change from ‘Supplied Complete’ to ‘Design Required’ because the deadline date has passed you will need to book a visual. Add the copy instructions to the visual and we will proof out to you.

When you have approved it you will then need to email Flighting and ask them to lift the artwork under the visual into the live booking.

Please note: This must be done and complete by 10 am on the day after your campaign is due to start.



I have been sent a link but I cannot see my ad

If you have an Ad Blocker running in your browser the ad will not show.