Digital Ad Tour

Digital Ad Tour
July 30, 2018 Adam

Hello, We are Digital Ad Production.

We are a team of 14 and are located in Archant Publishing Services in Prospect House, Norwich, Norfolk.

We are responsible for the design of newsletters and the design of digital advertising that appears on websites and within the newsletters.

The ad formats we use match industry standard specifications and you will see these formats on commercial sites all over the internet.

Why are you here?

There is a huge amount of information here that you will need in order to understand digital advertising and successfully supply instructions for digital ads.

This page aims to help you start this journey by explaining some of the basics of digital advertising and shows you how to negotiate this site.

At the end there will be a short quiz to establish how much you have learned and how well you know how to use this site to extract information.

Where do the digital ads go?

Have a look at some of Archant’s sites to see the advertising opportunities available.

Life Example: Cotswold Life

Life Example: Sussex Life

Regional Example: EDP24

How can I find out more about the ad formats?

Our digital specification page has everything you need to know about each digital ad format. It has the dimensions, file size, classification code and an example.
Explore the page to familiarize yourself with each one and send the link to advertisers who want to supply their own artwork – everything they need to know is there.

What is a wallpaper?

Wallpapers are ads which sit on either side of the web page in what is normally blank white space.

They are not particularly complicated but they can cause a lot of confusion so please spend some time exploring this page – this is the page you would send to an agency who want to supply their own.

Why is Online Advertising Different?

When supplying content for a digital ad it is important to think about what makes a digital ad different.


Attention Span

People are more likely to skim an article online so each ad needs to be a powerful attention grabber. Think headlines rather than bullet points.


Tease Them

Online ads don’t have to include all the company’s products, services and contact details. An effective tactic is to tease the viewers and encourage them to find out more.


UX User Experience

If the ad is going to be expandable or be interactive in any way you need to start thinking about the user journey. If an ad is expandable there needs to be a reason for it, otherwise the viewer will not be impressed.


Landing Page

Most ads click through to the advertiser’s homepage – but is this the best page to take the viewer to? If the ad is selling red shoes don’t link to the homepage of the shoe company, but instead to the page selling red shoes.



Try and get something out of the advertiser that we can add to instill a sense of urgency. ‘Offer Ends Soon’, ‘Limited Stock Available’, ‘Don’t Miss Out’


Online Ads

In summary online ads should aim to be more engaging, active and more directly linked to point of sales. This is unless the aim for the ad is to be a branding ad which makes viewers aware of the company and not necessarily aiming for a high CTR (Click Through Rate).

Can I see more examples of Online Digital Advertising?

Yes you can! Take a few minutes to browse through these examples of display advertising and see what can be achieved.
Links to these pages can be sent out to potential advertisers.

Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad”

Howard Gossage

What files do I need to send you?


You can send images as pretty much any format, but we would prefer .jpg, .gif or .png. If the quality is OK on your screen it will be OK to use in the ad – unless you are asking us to increase it in size. We can take images from the advertiser’s website.


This can be any text document or just pasted into the copy instructions box. However, please send only the text that should be included rather than multiple page word documents and ask us to pick what we want out of that.


If you want the ad to include video we can accept pretty much any video format – .avi, .mp3, .wmv, .ogg. We can also accept a Youtube link and we’ll probably be able to download a video from the advertiser’s website if you provide a link.

What about Stock Images?

We use Getty Images and you can find out more about that and how to select an image here.

Content is the most important thing and assets need to be attached to the job or exact URLs or URNs provided

It is the designer’s job to make the ad look good, but they cannot guess at the message”

Where do I send them?

This depends on what area of the business you are in, but you can look here to see what email address to use

As we have already seen, digital ads are different from print ads.

It is a VERY BAD IDEA to ask us to make up your digital ad from a print ad and your ad may be rejected.

We can take elements, such as logo, images and text, from a print ad, but you must give us instructions on exactly what to take.

The same can be said for the instruction to make up from a website.

We can take elements from an advertiser’s website but do not simply refer us to the website.

If you want us to take elements please provide the URL.

Things to think about


Keep it simple

Pick one thing the ad is trying to achieve. Is it to create brand building, sell a product, showcase an event or highlight something the company is doing?


Give me something

There is nothing wrong with a bit of bribery – you want the viewer to click the ad? Why should they? An idea for a gift, contest entry, discount or coupon, email?


Style and feel

Is the advertiser looking for a particular feel or style? Can you give the designer a few words which would help steer them in the right direction?



Different ad formats should maintain the same message, look and feel. So let us know if the advertiser has already had a digital ad – otherwise, their new ad could be completely different.

Digital Advertising is now larger than TV”

Henry Blodget

What the designer sees

Below are some typical examples of copy instructions. Please use the button to see the comments and suggestions for each one.

Use their last ad for style and content”


Lift from URN 123456ab”


Make expandable halfpage from artwork attached”


Use customer’s website Please use main image and logo and please include event and date”


This is an advert for a car insurance company so I want two cars driving in from either side of the ad and crashing in the middle. The cars smoke and hiss and then the two drivers get out and start arguing until a Policeman rides up on a bicycle. The text should be bright green, not too big, 1960’s style, left justified with a drop shadow and all in uppercase.”


Please use digital ad 456789ab for style and print ad 789456ab for content. They want to make people aware of their Sale (see print ad) and push their living room furniture so include the ‘Arlington sofa’ and the ‘Harvey Armchair’ Please include the line ‘We won’t be beaten on price’ from the top of their print ad”


Archant’s Go Target Display Advertising is a very important part of Archant’s digital portfolio and this section will help explain some of the basic principles and show you how to book on and present the copy instructions.

GoTarget and GoRetarget Ad Specification

This page will give you the detailed dimensions and file sizes for each format needed for GoTarget. You will also find another page which covers GoRetarget.

These pages are very useful for agencies planning to supply their own artwork. Agencies can also download a Photoshop template.

How do I book targeted?

This page gives you everything you need to know about booking a targeted campaign.

There is a separate video for GoRetarget and information on deadlines.

What should my instructions look like?

This page has some great examples of what copy instructions might look like for GoTarget and GoRetarget.

Read each example to see the changes and look at the images to see how the design changes.

Have I asked the customer everything?

When discussing a targeted campaign with an advertiser there is a lot of information you need to obtain from them before making the booking.

This is a checklist to help you remember the important points.

Were you paying attention?