Content Marketing FAQs

What do I do after I have booked the order on OBA?

  1. Email content marketing form to the relevant AdFlow address.
  2. If client has supplied any text or image resources, email these through too.
  3. Confirm copy in AdFlow

Without completing these steps, Ad Ops will be unaware of the order and it will not enter production.



What information do I need to provide?

We will need the following information at a minimum:

  1. Up to date contact information for the client (ideally including mobile).
  2. A specific time and date that the client is available for interview.
  3. The topic that the client would like the article to cover.

If any of these are missing in AdFlow, the order will be rejected and you will need to resubmit.



Why is it necessary to provide a set time and date for the interview?

Our writing team work to set time schedules each day, and we have to book them for specific slots. If an agreed time slot is not provided, the order will not enter production.

What is the soonest I can book the WEBSIL interview?

Please leave 72 working hours between confirming the copy and the interview date. This helps ensure that the time slot you choose will be available. If you request an interview earlier than this, the order will be rejected in AdFlow.

I need an urgent article published, can we rush it through?

WEBSIL lead time is 21 days, this is agreed with our partners and so can not be changed.
WEBADV (supplied complete) can be turned around in 5 days.

Can someone from Ad Ops call the client to arrange the interview?

Unfortunately not, it is the responsibility of the sales rep to agree an interview date with the client.

How does the approval process work, will the client see a proof?

Our writers will approve the article with the client, within the 21 days production period. If you receive a link to the published piece, you can assume it has gone through the appropriate approval process.

Note: Articles are auto-approved if the writers do not get a response from the client within 5 days of sending them the proof. This is to avoid delays



How do I know if the order is processing smoothly?

If there is a specific problem with the order during production, a member of Ad Ops will get in touch with you via email.

Why can’t I book multiple insertions?

It is bad SEO practice to publish the same content on multiple sites, potentially damaging both our online reputation and the client’s. If a client needs a piece on more than one site, you should book each under its own URN; each will be a unique bespoke written piece.

What will the article look like when published?

Articles adhere to the templates of the sites. If the client has requested something specific in the layout, please email to check if it is possible.

Note: all articles will have the red ‘Ad Feature’ banner at the top to mark it as sponsored content. This is a legal requirement and can not be bypassed.

Can we include video in an article?

Yes, if the file is already hosted on an external video site such as Youtube or Vimeo. We can not directly upload video files.

How do we drive traffic to the article once published?

Each article is included in the email newsletters of the relevant website, and we share a link to the piece via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. It will also be featured on the front page and relevant category page of the website until superseded by newer content.

Why is it necessary to provide a set time and date for the interview?

Our writing team book their working time out in defined slots each day. Additionally, setting an agreed appointment with the client helps avoid the delays caused by missed calls.

What if the interview doesn’t go ahead?

We will pass the order back to the sales rep to arrange a new time and date.



Can I see a preview of the article on the site before it goes live?

Unfortunately not. A member of Ad Ops will send you a link to the published article once live. We are able to make small amendments after publication, for example altering the order of images.

Client has not supplied images, is this a problem?

Our writers will source images from the client during the interview process. These will either be supplied by the client, or chosen by the client from a Stock library.