Approve and Amend

How do I get changes made to my proof?

If you have received a proof that you want to make changes to before approving this must be done through Media Ferry – not as a phone call or an email.

Viewing your proof

To view the different formats you can use the drop down menu.

Adding an annotation

Click on the speech bubble icon in the top left hand corner.
And then click on the proof to create a note.
It can help to click near the point at which you want the amendment to be made.
Please note: you can make more than one note.

Using Internet Explorer?

This will look slightly different in Internet Explorer. You don’t need to click on the speech bubble icon as the will be a general comments box open automatically.

What next?

There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the page which are explained below.

1 – Approve Button

Click on this if you are happy with the proof and do not require any changes

2 – Approve with Changes

The proof will be released after the changes marked by you are completed. By clicking on this you are saying that you want changes to be made but you do not need to see another proof.

3 – Back to Production

Corrections marked will be sent back to production for changes. A further proof will be supplied depending on deadlines.